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Why are Footballers Using Snus?

Why are Footballers Using Snus?

  • by Ksenia Makarevich

The use of snus, a smokeless nicotine product, among football players in the Premier League has become a notable trend. This product, which originates from Scandinavia, is gaining popularity among players who claim it provides calming and performance-enhancing effects. Here are some important points regarding the use of snus in football:

History of Snus:

Snus originated in 18th-century Sweden as a way for farmers to consume their tobacco crop. It was initially a moist powder placed under the lip, offering a slower, longer-lasting release of nicotine compared to dry snuff. Over time, snus became deeply ingrained in Swedish culture, symbolizing European identity and tradition.

Understanding Snus:

Snus is a nicotine product contained in small fabric pouches that users place under their upper lip, allowing nicotine absorption directly into the bloodstream. Modern snus pouches often contain pure nicotine with zero tobacco content, making them safer and legal in many countries.

Snus on the Pitch:

Football players operating in a high-stress environment are turning to snus for its calming effect, which may help alleviate tension and anxiety. Some players reportedly use snus during games, believing it provides a boost in concentration and energy, potentially influencing decision-making and reaction time.

Safety of Snus - Harm Reduction:

While snus is not without risks, it is generally considered less harmful than smoking due to the lack of combustion. The use of snus among football players could be seen as a form of harm reduction, allowing nicotine users to continue their habit more safely.

Footballers as Role Models:

  • Football players who choose to use snus may inadvertently influence fans regarding harm reduction and safer nicotine use.
  • This narrative could be powerful in addressing public health concerns related to smoking.


  • In a sport where small advantages matter, football players are exploring various tools, including unconventional ones like snus.
  • As the trend continues, it's crucial to provide clear, accurate information about snus and emphasize harm reduction.
  • The impact of snus in dressing rooms worldwide may increase, highlighting the need for informed discussions and awareness.

Overall, the use of snus in football raises questions about the intersection of sports, health, and individual choices, prompting the need for ongoing research and responsible communication about its effects.

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